Welcome to my new cozy spot on the interwebz. Yep, I hopped to WordPress. I’m not sure what will happen to Eye Heart It, yet, but I’ve lately felt like I wanted to engage with my online friends again in some way, without the constraints of having to post within the context of beauty products. So here we are. I’m not committing to any sort of blogging schedule, or subject matter. I have opinions on things that I’d like to share and elicit responses to (movies, books, current events, and yes, still beauty), but I also have come to the conclusion that I like words much more than photos, and I am better at crafting words than taking photos.

How was everyone’s New Year? We went to dinner at Cinghiale in Fells Point. Dinner was lovely, though service was simply perfunctory and not quite what I’d expected. Still, the company is always wonderful and it’s fun to dress up, get glamorous, and eat delicious and indulgent food. We also had the experience of trying a bunch of Italian wines – we’re not familiar with the regions and varietals at all, so it was nice to do the pairing (it was a prix fixe menu with suggested pairings). We also did the clever thing and took a picture of the menu, so we could remember the dishes as they came out, and remember the wines.

I think these boots (Cole Haan Marina) are the best purchase of last year. Also, I have always wanted a sequined mini dress. Also, my husband is one dapper gentleman. Also, you can see that we put the toilet paper on the right way, HA. I need to up my mirror game.
The Brut Rosé that came its the goose terrine was delicious. I also had the squid ink spaghetti, the duck, and the ricotta cheesecake. S had the mozzarella di bufala, guinea fowl ragu, the NY strip, and the vanilla panna cotta. Everything was delicious and we got into a discussion about the proper way to eat spaghetti. The consensus is, I must write to my old Italian boss and ask him. I shall. Unless someone else wants to weigh in?

Then I went to bed before midnight, because I have a cold and sound like a frog, and couldn’t risk turning into a pumpkin when the clock struck. S woke me up to tell me happy new year, and let me go back to sleep. I woke up this morning to pancakes and coffee, we kicked off the new year right with an episode of Phineas and Ferb, and then took the dogs for a walk, and came back to put away the Christmas decorations and tree. I’m not a particularly festive person, but it is a bit sad to say goodbye to the holiday season, when everyone makes an effort to be nice to fellow humans and pass along good cheer. Now we don’t have any colorful lights or presents to distract us from the fact that we elected Voldemort as president (actually, he’s probably not clever enough to be Voldemort…he’s more like Wormtail, isn’t he?), and it’s time to face the music.

But I’m actually an optimist, and I have to hope that the new year will bring good things, despite our fears. Happy new year to you and yours.