It’s finally here in the US – Prada’s extended Les Infusions line!

I took a photo of an InStyle page at the salon. I was SO EXCITED.

I have been waiting for these since 2015, I think, when the first press releases came out and they were available for sale in Europe. Aside from the bottles being lovely (I’m a sucker for things that are available in many colors, ok?) and my general appreciation of Prada fragrances, I have been really curious to try Amande – it has an anise note that I’m really hoping shines through. Almonds are hit or miss for me, however, so I’m not sure. But Oeillet could also be unexpectedly enticing, if they’ve captured spicy carnation just right. They’re already available on Nordstrom’s site. Just uh, in case you wanted to know.

Of course, this comes as S and I are tightening the drawstrings on our collective purse. Now that I have a real job and we’re both working full time with decent benefits (like a 401K match, all that adult stuff), we’re trying to make an effort to put away a good chunk of savings (for more adult stuff, like houses, I guess). We’ve moved four times in the past four years for work (ah, the life of two married post-docs), and even if employers cover some of that cost, moving is expensive. Science graduate students don’t make much, and science post-docs don’t make much more, so we’re only just beginning to make a decent wage, as well. With that comes some lifestyle changes – no more buying all the things. We’re doing a good job, but we’re being even stricter with our budget now. I will admit, when we were living apart, buying each other gifts was a way to perk each other up from across the country. Or I would buy myself something, because I was frustrated and had lots of time alone on my hands. Other times, when you fall off the wagon, you’re just like “Well, we’re already over budget, it doesn’t really matter if I just buy one more lipstick, does it?”  Yep, guilty. But I think that good spending behaviors easily become habits, as well.

So, bottom line: I would like a new perfume. I don’t need one. I’ll probably buy it some day soon – if we stuck to our budget for January, for example. Then again, there are other things I’d like to have more – like a new pair of climbing pants – so maybe it’ll wait longer. But there is pleasure in looking, too. And that’s ok.