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One note – S and I share finances, so I’m just going to give totals spent, without bothering to indicate “my half,” or whatever. I was too tired to do this last night, so here we are! We have the day off, in an effort to minimize the traffic in the DC metro area today.

Day 2: Thursday, Jan. 19

5:30 AM – Groan at the sound of the alarm. But, it’s the last work day of this week! Snoopy Dance! I wash up, put on the outfit I picked out last night, put my face on. Scent of the day is Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. This, plus leopard print pointy toed heels and last night’s fresh mani, makes me feel like a million bucks. Or at least, half a million. $50? Whatever. Dogs are fed, dishes unloaded, and everyone goes for a walk.

6:30 AM – Breakfast is leftover pasta from Tuesday’s dinner, topped with a fried egg, and coffee and apple juice. Lunches are packed, and away we go. I stop for gas on the way to work ($21.98; I fill up ~1x/week). Commute music is Parker Millsap’s The Very Last Day. I love this album – it’s a great example of folk-rock/Americana, with stories to tell, and his craggy voice is reminiscent of classic country rock.

9 AM – Um, hungry. Time for second breakfast: plain Greek yogurt with honey and pumpkin flax granola that I packed and brought from home. Squeeze my Gripp II ball while I search and read through StackOverflow articles that address an issue I’m trying to tackle.

11:30 – Been beating my head against a stupid problem for hours now. LUNCHTIME. Leftover cauliflower soup, a satsuma, and water. I refill my 32 oz Nalgene.

12:30 PM – Snacktime. Have some peanut butter pretzels that I have stashed away in my desk drawer. Also trying to remember to spritz my face periodically.

2 PM – Yeah ok, this is getting embarrassing. Eat my pear.

3 PM – Finally. Attend a meeting and then go home. I have been sneezing all day and it’s a relief to get out of the office.

5:30 PM – I beat S home today. Feed the dogs and let them outside. Dinner is leftovers, because we’re going climbing: ham sandwich for me, cauliflower soup for S (we had each other’s meals for lunch), chips and salsa, and water. Fill a water bottle and we leave for the gym.

8:45 PM – After climbing and a short lifting session, we stop at Wegman’s for a few things: potatoes for hash tomorrow morning, milk, and bananas ($7.99).

9:45 PM – Feed Dennison the second half of his dinner (he seems to have an upset tummy on days we sleep in, I guess because he goes too long between dinner and breakfast, so we’ve taken to splitting his evening meal into two parts, and that seems to help), and Sheeba gets a snack. The dogs go out one more time and then we all go to bed.

Daily total: $29.97.

This is kind of fun. Sometimes it’s the little things, right?