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Day 3: Friday, Jan. 20

8:30 AM – Dennison wakes us up by nosing us and putting his paws on our chest (we have a lower bed). We lounge around a bit, then get up. Dogs are fed and let out, I make toasted caramel lattes (this simple deLonghi espresso machine is great – it has a milk steamer attachment, as well). while S. makes a hash with the potatoes we bought last night, and the leftover ham. Breakfast is hash, topped with a fried egg, with a slice of toasted cinnamon swirl bread, and more coffee.

10 AM: We’ve cleaned up breakfast, and do a little more tidying around the kitchen. I do some laundry, change the sheets on our bed. We wash up and get dressed, and take the dogs on a walk.

12 PM – We drop one of S’s suits off at the dry cleaners, and then we need to go to Costco – we go maybe 1x/6 weeks or so, for pantry staples, paper goods, coffee beans, flour and butter for baking, snacks for work, proteins to pre-sort and freeze for use throughout the month, and other things. The week we go, I usually try to get our week’s basics as well, like fruit, milk, eggs, and veggies. We haven’t been to Costco since the end of November, I think, so our total today is hefty: $242.83. Part of that was the steaks we bought for S.’s birthday dinner next week – one of his brothers will be in town, and I think his sister and brother-in-law are coming over, as well (though they’re vegetarian, so we’ll have to pick up something else).

1:30 PM – Lunch is an effort to clean leftovers out of the fridge. Leftover pasta for S, leftover tofu and salmon for me, along with some hot green tea. I cut up one of the Asian pears we bought from Costco (my favorite!), and the dogs come running (their favorite too, apparently).

2 PM – We play Ticket to Ride, the Pennsylvania expansion, which we got for Christmas one year. It’s not my favorite expansion, but we hadn’t played the PA board side yet (the other side is UK, which we have played). Snacked on G.H. Cretors The Mix (I love this stuff, we usually have some on hand), gummy bears, and more green tea.

4 PM – Take the dogs out on another walk. Brother sends me +$35 for a gift we split. I finish posting yesterday’s diary, pay some bills, and take care of some things for the non-profit I volunteer for. Then I reluctantly decide I should do some cleaning, and clean the bathrooms (except showers – that’s S’s domain) – I do this once a week, usually on the weekend.

5:30 PM – S feeds the dogs and makes dinner: homemade pizza with Applegate pepperoni (a staple dinner around here), plus a Caesar salad that we picked up from Costco today, and red wine.

7 PM – Dessert: Talenti Gelato Caramel Apple Pie. I love Talenti. We usually have 2-3 pints in the freezer. S makes fun of me every time we’re at the store and I have to walk through the freezer aisle, but he eats it too, and is sad when we’re out of gelato. Uh huh. #marriedlife

8 PM – Let the dogs out. Have a 2nd glass of wine while typing this post. Forrest Gump is on TV, so we’re watching that (as a kid, you don’t realize just how clever this movie is!). I finished the last of my green tea stash today, so I order more from Lupicia USA ($30), including some matcha powder for MATCHA LATTES. Weekends are dangerous! I also plan the meals for next week (I think I’m gonna do a post about meal planning again soon), using Paprika. Finally work up the energy to shower.

10 PM – Bed.

Daily total: $242.83 – 35 + 30 = 247.83. 

Well, yesterday came and went. If you follow me on Twitter, you know how I feel about it. This is all I have to say about it now: