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Day 4: Saturday, January 21

7:30 AM – I get up – Dennison is thrilled (he’s probably been up for three hours at this point, LOL). I take the dogs downstairs, feed them, and let them out, while I get breakfast going. S comes down just as it’s ready: scrambled eggs and the last of the cinnamon swirl bread, toasted, with coffee and milk. After breakfast, S marinates the Korean-style spicy pork that we’re having for dinner, and I prep the rice cooker and set the timer (we have a Zojirushi similar to this, which was a wedding gift).

9:30 AM – After lounging around a bit, we get ready and take the dogs for a longer walk than normal, because the weather’s almost pleasant. Then we get home, fill a water bottle, and go to the climbing gym.

1:30 PM – The best thing about making pizza for dinner is LEFTOVER PIZZA FOR LUNCH (or breakfast). We finish up the Caesar salad from the night before, as well (we only dressed half of it last night), and make protein shakes. We watch coverage of the Women’s March on TV while we eat. In lieu of marching, I made a donation to Planned Parenthood, and will continue to do so when I can (as a note, there are many ways to show support – you do what you can. Whether that’s time, money, presence, being someone’s safety net – there are a myriad of ways, and every little bit helps. I’m not interested in judging or hearing judgments passed on this issue).

2:30 PM – S goes to pick up his dry cleaning ($11) and stops at Target for milk, which we forgot to get at Costco on Friday, and athletic tape for climbing ($7.98).

3:30 PM – We take the dogs for another longer than usual walk. Then we come back, I do some laundry, and then play with the dogs again, because for some reason, they are extra energetic today. Then I Swiffer and mop the entire downstairs, which I try to do once weekly. S cleans the showers upstairs.

6 PM – I shower and S makes dinner. Spicy pork, rice, and two sliced Asian pears.

Aged in sherry oak casks – it’s delicious, and the aging is done in a DC distillery.

8 PM – Nightcap: One Eight Distillery Whiskey Untitled #2, neat. We also have some more G.H. Cretor’s The Mix to snack on while we watch random things on TV.

Daily total: $11 + 7.98 = 18.98.