Thus far, this has been an enlightening exercise – it’s interesting to see the daily breakdown of expenses. We use a budget app to keep track of expenses (HomeBudget), which syncs across devices and is handy; you have to input everything because it’s not linked to bank accounts, but that’s our preference in this case. But this journal still has been handy to see what our spending habits are, so I may continue (privately, since I think I’m boring everyone to tears before the week is out, ha!), for that purpose. I also keep a food diary daily anyway (My Fitness Pal), to make sure I’m doing everything in moderation, but it’s also helpful to see it within the context of my entire day.

Anyway, I’m catching up! We’ve been busy the past few days, so here’s the log from Sunday.

Day 5: Sunday, January 22

8 AM –  We get up before our fluffy alarm clock this morning. Dennison shoves his face in yours and demands pets as soon as he thinks you’re up (or, usually, before you’re up), which is really a great way to start the day, honestly. He’s so happy! It’s impossible not to also be happy. I think I start more days smiling because of it. (In case you were curious, Sheeba is an absolute sleepyhead, and she doesn’t get out of bed until she’s absolutely sure that we’re all going downstairs. It’s quite the contrast).

8:30 AM – Breakfast: blueberry muffins that I had made last weekend and put in the freezer (just toast them – good to go!), and the rest of the hash from Friday morning, with Americanos and passionfruit juice. After breakfast, I start the dough for these blueberry Kolaches. I leave it for the first rise, and we get ready and take the dogs on their walk. S vacuums.

11:15 AM – I punch down the dough and put it in the fridge (it needs to rise again in the fridge for at least 4 hours). Then I leave for class: one hour of silks, one hour of straps. Worn out, but I’m proud to say that I did make an effort to work on my spinning mounts (see this post). Little steps!

2:30 PM – Get home, have lunch (leftovers and some fruit), make the blueberry filling for the kolaches, and then we take the dogs on a short walk, because it’s raining.

3:30 PM – Make the kolaches. The dough is easy enough to work with, especially since it’s cold. But the “dents” don’t stay dented, and I’m not convinced this is going to work out. Probably it would be better if I put the filling on the inside, but by now I’m feeling lazy and just want to finish this stupid baking project, so ok, whatever. Let them rise for another hour and a half (ish) while I shower.

5 PM – Pop the kolaches in the oven and settle on the couch with the fluffies with my laptop. Watch the Falcons crush the Packers while I blog, and finally attempt to catch up on everyone else’s blogs!

6 PM – S starts making dinner. The kolaches are hideous, and I’m not sure how to improve on my dent-making skills, but oh well. They’ll probably still be tasty. It’s S’s birthday week so I wanted to have something tasty for breakfasts this week. And making yeast breads is kind of calming – usually.

6:30 PM – Dinner is baked mac and cheese (this recipe), sautéed Brussels sprouts, and another glass of Friday’s red.

7 PM – S is watching the Steelers vs. Patriots game for some reason. I can’t stand either team, so I’m catching up on blogs again. I was going to paint my nails, but I can’t be bothered now.

Daily total: $0

I have thoughts about current events, but I’m going to save that.