Two more days. I’ve been backlogged, so I’m just gonna keep going here.

Day 6: Monday, January 23

5:30 AM – Curse you, alarm. We get moving. It’s raining and windy as all get out, and cold. Everyone is cranky and wet when we get home from our walk. Thank goodness for coffee. Breakfast: Kolache, coffee, milk. I’m not super impressed with this recipe. It’s a decent sweet bread, but I’ve already deleted it from my app.

9:30 AM – First snack: a banana. I’m not feeling motivated this morning. Also, my computer is acting up. Double cranky.

10:30 AM – Is it lunch time yet?

11:05 AM – Yeah, it’s lunch time. Leftover mac and cheese, Brussels sprouts, and a satsuma.

12:30 PM – Reading a paper (scientific journal article) which references an E.M. Forster quote to explain how literary narrative structure informed the original algorithm. This is beautiful, and I’m cheered a little by it.

12:45 PM – Was trying to hold out, but I can’t focus. The office is quiet and gloomy, and I’m cold. I pull out some change, and walk down to the coffee bar for a small coffee ($1.90). I also refill my water bottle. (Yeah, I get a lot of exercise walking to and from the restroom, lol).

2:30 PM – Eat my apple and some jalapeño cashews that I have in my desk drawer. (Yes, it’s a rich and bountiful desk drawer, filled with everything I need. Just don’t ask me for a pen or a post-it. Cashew?)

5:30 PM – Home. Still mucky and wet outside. Dogs are now also mucky and wet. Feeling like junk food, so I have instant ramen, dressed up with wakame and an egg, and passionfruit juice. S has the last of the leftover cauliflower soup.

6:30 PM – Leave for the climbing gym. Today felt better – it’s been kind of frustrating lately, as I’ve felt like I haven’t been improving. There were some different problems today, though, and that helped.

9 PM – Get home, shower. Customize a CSA farm box for Friday delivery, as we will be busy this weekend and not have time to make it to the grocery store for veggies ($30.50).

Daily total: $32.40.